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ICP Eco's first canister contract-based Token contribution rewards

Prepare for the event: Have a Stoicwallet account with sufficient ICP balance.

Step 1

Visit NnsDAO's nomos platform,, click Sign Up for authorization, and select Stoicwallet wallet to log in.

nnsdao distribution

Once you have successfully signed in, check the canister contract address and click Copy.

nnsdao distribution

Step 2

Visit the Stoicwallet wallet address and log in to do the following.

Check if ICP has sufficient balance, then click on the small plane in the bottom right corner to transfer funds.

nnsdao distribution

Enter the address of the Canister contract obtained after copying into the input box of the Address of the recipient, enter the number of ICPs you want to contribute, and click Review Transaction to make the transfer.

After successful transfer, click the + button, select ADD Token, enter Canister Id: " vgqnj-miaaa-aaaal-qaapa-cai " and click ADD to add it, the following screen will be displayed after successful addition.

nnsdao distribution

Step 3

After successfully adding Token ID and Canister contract, go back to nomos platform of NnsDAO and click Wallet button to enter the wallet page.

nnsdao distribution

Participants can claim after a maximum of 48 hours. click claim to see the number of NDP tokens received.

nnsdao distribution

When is NDP available for transactions?

For NDP trading you can check the pass equity section of NnsDAO. We will circulate through the marketplace, NFT, and game ecology before SWAP goes live, and when the ICP ecology swap goes live, we will follow up and access the swap and provide liquidity. At present we have briefly communicated with Icpswap, and when Icpswap is available for liquidity trading, NDP will add the corresponding trading pairs.

About previously sponsored users

For all previous sponsors, we will collect the address and Principal ID of Stoicwallet separately for claiming, and we will collect them after the contribution activity starts. After the collection is finished, we will unify the claim rights and benefits.

Contact NnsDAO

If you have any questions, please contact us via community and email(

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