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Welcome to icmarket πŸ‘€πŸŽ‰

ICmarket - DAO-based subDAO marketplace.

ICmarket is a γ€Œdiversified」 γ€Œtradable」platform for NFTs, which provides user-directed creation and collaboration. It also provides subDAO to join and create the common collections and collaborative NFTs.

What is the core architecture?

ic market architecture

Derivatives Aggregation

Interaction between different Canister, dApps under the constraints of IC protocols, such as reputation, NFTs collateralized lending, used to empower DeFi.

Unlimited Creations

An open creation center where users can freely create and buy, sell, collect, initiate subDAO co-creations and purchase.

Ecological cross-chain

With the advantage of IC, the anti-gas model can be realized by the end of 2022, and cross-chain issuance and trading with mainstream public chains such as Bitcoin and ETH.

Create, trade rewards

All collections will now generate a trading bonus. There is no minimum trade volume requirement - every time you buy or sell NFT of any collection on ICmarket, you earn NDP/ICP and collection creators can collect up to 10% royalties.

Everything can be NFTs

ICmarket platform content can be sourced from NnsDAO and Dfinity ecology, such as podcast ep, game props, Icptree skins, special reputation, etc.

Non-custodial (Non-custodial)

All assets are under your full control, displaying your own PFP and PIS via protocol on Web3 applications.