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Intro NnsDAO

The boundaryless autonomous organization.

Read the whitepaper English NnsDAO white paper

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Read the contribution process Contribution to earn

DAOs Guide

By building the science of DAO with the community and making it available to more people who need it through articles, videos, etc. Everyone can contribute through Github, and to participate in the contribution please read the Readme.

Token Economic

About the pass-through economic model of NDP, and the usage scenarios of holding NDP, etc.

Use NnsDAO Nomos

About how to use Nomos for building your own DAOs and how to find your own organization (union) through DAOn, collide more ideas through communication, brainstorming and other fragmented exchanges, and collaborate to build more dApps.


What is ICmarket?

ICmarket is a 「diversified」 「tradable」platform for NFTs, which provides user-directed creation and collaboration. It also provides subDAO to join and create the common collections and collaborative NFTs.

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