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Announcing that the Japan DAO Association has joined the NnsDAO Patrick Eco-Program

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Patrick Rex
Patrick Steve

NnsDAO & Japan DAO Association

Today we are pleased to announce that NnsDAO Protocol is growing fast! As of today, the NnsDAO ecology is already composed of DAOs such as Icpscan, ICTexas, Icpdrops, Icptree, Icpodcast, Universe, and NnsDAO Funds, which will operate as different DAOs in the future, and at the same time we welcome the first DAOs to join the ecology in Today Japan DAO Association officially joined NnsDAO Protocol ecology, which will run in the form of DAOs in the future, and NnsDAO Protocol Patrick program will also start this month, we expect the new activity will meet with you on the 20th, and we believe it will be a new chapter of IC ecology. NnsDAO, as a part of ICP ecology, we have chosen different tracks to layout when building our products, such as DAOs, games, tools, NFTs, etc., and governed by DAOs and virtual reputation, thus making a collaborative approach to DAOs a possibility, which we are exploring.

About the Patrick Plan

First, the Patrick Plan is an exploration used to build products and orchestrate DAO workflows, and we currently propose to build DAOs based on the Nomos protocol for the entire NnsDAO, with ecological incentives through early participants so as to attract more users to the DAO community.

In the last week, we introduced the working model of DAOs, and in the future, it will be presented to users in the form of comics, and we have currently sought the help of the Japanese DAO community. Meanwhile, Patrick plan we expect to officially start around the 20th and explore this model by two creation planets of NnsDAO, it is also one of the important purposes of this collaboration, we let more people understand and know the collaboration process of NnsDAO through the early creation of DAOs, and we believe this is the best way to join hands to build DAOs together and explore the future by practice.

About Nomos protocol

We introduced the origin of Nomos a long time ago, it is essentially a rule to bind users within the ecology through contractual agreements and distribute rewards to users participating in the ecology while building dApps, which was our initial vision to distribute tokens in the form of DAOs and govern the whole agreement through a reputation system, and we are currently building this process and presenting it through Universe and dApp together to present it so that users can see more intuitively how to participate and how to contribute, how to achieve DAOs to earn, You can be a boss, you just work for yourself.

How to participate in Patrick Eco Plan?

If you are interested in participating in the creation of NnsDAO together, everyone who contributes is welcome to join the ecology of DAOs, eventually, we will name each planet with the idea of the person who joins and write a story of their own, and then show it to all users of the ecology through Universe.

About Japan DAO Association

JDA (Japan DAO Association) is a P2P Job-matching community, enable engineers /creators to meet directly to crypto projects all over the world. You can find many high level creators and engineers from Japan who would like to get hired.

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