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NnsDAO token interpretation, autonomy and equity credentials in DAO ecology

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By Leo | NnsDAO Labs


DAO is a distributed autonomous organization, and the most important feature of DAO is to realize the normal operation and outreach of the entire organization through decentralization. In this process, the pass plays a linking and catalytic role, using the pass to link various sub-projects, while using its incentive effect to catalyze the external expansion of the project. It attracts more individuals and organizations to enter the ecology and realize the ecology without borders.

What is NnsDAO?

NnsDAO is a borderless organization, which builds a virtual reputation system belonging to the Web 3.0 era based on Dfinity, and builds and improves the ecology through different DAOs (specific projects). Different users explore and find their own value by joining different DAOn (unions) and DAOs (specific projects) to make collaboration and creation easier.

What is NDP?

NDP is a pass for NnsDAO ecology, which realizes the internal operation and external expansion functions under NnsDAO ecology through circulation incentive, holding vote, and investment dividends.

Circulation incentive function:**

The application scenario of NDP is very wide, mainly divided into the use scenario of NnsDAO ecological project participants and project creators created under the NnsDAO ecology.

As long as a project participant holds NDP, he or she can freely travel between various projects of NnsDAO ecology. NDP is the hard currency of the whole ecology and can be freely exchanged for any project tokens of NnsDAO ecology to buy any goods and NFT props of each project.

And as a project creator in the NnsDAO ecology, he can use NDP to purchase services of the ecology. For example, he can get a higher user cap by spending NDP to accelerate the project server; get huge traffic support by spending NDP to use ICPDROP for NnsDAO-wide ecological airdrop; get greater project exposure through NDP bidding advertisement and other services.

All of the above processes will consume a large amount of NDP, which will lead to an orderly long-term shrinkage of the total amount of NDP, and then the market supply and demand of economics will raise the price of NDP to a new dynamic equilibrium point.

Holds the voting function

User voting is required for everything from large NnsDAO ecological issues (destruction, additions, etc.) to the creation of a DAOn. Voting participants using NDP will receive additional rewards after each vote.

However, it is worth noting that the voting weight is determined by the reputation value and the NDP holding is not used as the only reference criterion. This eliminates the embarrassing oligarchic effect of large coin holdings from the voting process.

This also makes "You can be a boss, you just work for yourself, DAOs to earn." a reality.

Investment Dividend Function

One of the biggest plans in NnsDAO ecology is NnsDAO FUND, which is similar to the concept of the mother fund in traditional finance. A large percentage of NnsDAO's token distribution is used to support projects in NnsDAO ecology to achieve the "moon landing plan".

In return, the supported projects will pay dividends to NDP holders, which means that as long as you hold NDP, you will receive dividends from NnsDAO FUND investment; if you actively participate in the ecological voting, you can get the reputation value continuously accumulated.

You know, high reputation value will get more ecological rewards in NnsDAO ecology. At present, NnsDAO has proposed the concept of OG (meta), and OG will get additional rewards in various activities of the ecology.

In addition to the OG and ecological contributions that can accumulate personal reputation, NnsDAO also encourages everyone to create DAOs and carry out the layout of projects or ecology in the early stage of creation. Early users will be rewarded with ecological contributions, and 7% of the total contributions will support eligible projects at the beginning of the program implementation, and gradually start the community shared governance.